Thursday, November 16, 2017

Elephante & Model sheets


A caring and super strong elephant is on her mission to rescue innocent animals from danger, but she is a bit clumsy and makes lots of mistakes.

Elephante and Marcie the Hedgehog together fight against the forces of evil and to save world while looking for the origins of hijun magic.

Model Sheets, Character Line Up, and Height Comparison

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cape Cobra & Marcie the Hedgehog

The two characters are Cape Cobra and Marcie the Hedgehog.

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra owns a potion shop, where she creates powerful potions. Some potions are for her customers, others are for...herself!

She uses potions to change her venom chemistry. Her venom can put people to sleep, it can heal people, or it can...transform people!

Marcie the Hedgehog

A courageous hijun hedgehog is on a quest to find the origin of hijun magic.

Marcie was an ordinary hedgehog until she touched a magical crystal, which gained her martial arts powers.